There is no winning or losing in relationships, it's about being on the same team, even when arguments turn you against each other.

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Silent Tear

It's been almost 6 years since you gone
you always remain in my heart
It's hard to express what I feel into words
It's hard to hold a tears and stay strong
while deep down in my heart
It's killing me inside, slowly
I miss your voice, your laugh,
No matter what
I have to stay strong
I will always doa for you
Insya-Allah until we meet again

My only regret is
If I had known that its will be the last time,
I would spent a lot time just for you
To create a lot of memories with you

Note : you know what brother,
in your life, you already touched so many heart to people loved you
And in your death, so many lives now changed.

Welcome The New 1

Delete all posts and make a new 1..

Welcome to my new blogspot..
To be honest, 
Not too new when it's already been create since 2011 I think >.<

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